Outsource Solutions

Finance & Accounts Outsourcing

Accounts Payable

Wintwin Technologies boasts of a wide range of service offerings that help clients manage end-to-end accounts payable functions, efficiently, cost-effectively and accurately. It includes, vendor helpdesk (Front end invoice receiving & verification, One point contact for vendor queries, systematic voucher movement and aging of vendor invoices), Invoice Processing (Invoice scanning, verification, accounting entries, TDS deductions), Payment processing (Analyse creditors aging, Preparation of payment file, upload of file, payment advise), Record management (Invoice copy management pre & post processing)..


Wintwin Technologies offers reconciliation services in areas of Vendor Reconciliation, Customer Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation, Inter-company Reconciliation, GL & Sub GL Reconciliation, Inventory Reconciliation, Data Matching & Other Miscellaneous Reconciliation. Wintwin Technologies understands the importance of maintaining the accuracy of account books and keeping them tallied with supplier as well as customers. Our strong base and expertise in the domain of accounting, empowers us to address easy to intricate requirements pertaining to reconciliation of accounts in varied industry domains for different set of clients.

Fixed Assets Verification

Wintwin Technologies helps clients manage their Fixed Asset Management & Capitalization as an end-to-end service provider covering the broad areas of capitalization, lifecycle management, and physical verification & tagging and process setup. We facilitate in establishing best practices through setting up quantitative controls on fixed assets. We have experience in helping capitalization fixed assets for companies ranging from small scale units to big corporates who are having their businesses spread various cities. We also train our customers in handling their day to day fixed assets related requirements.

Commercial Support

Wintwin Technologies provides specialized support services in the commercial function to modularise service requirements around vital processes including PR to PO ( Validation of PR, De-duplicate checks, Validation of vendors as per Vendor masters, budgets/ Project Validity, Release of Purchase Order, Vendor coordination) , Order Fulfilment (Validation of documentation, Validation of rates, PO Preparation in ERP, Validation of Terms and conditions) and Order Management ( Vendor & User coordination to check on Project readiness/Supply/Service Delivery Plan, Open PO Report and PO for closure management and Stock level monitoring)

C Form Management

Wintwin Technologies provides for assistance in C-Form Management. Our process are focussed on C-Form s / H Forms & I Forms Collections, webbased system driven process, Customised MIS, Online reminders, debit notes, Track C-Forms Status, Indemnity process for Lost Forms, Online reconciliation of Forms before submission, End to End C-Form Management solutions, Focus on assessment years, Collections , submissions, call details fully tracked on workflow

Human Resource Outsourcing

Payroll Management

Wintwin Technologies provides you with a fully compliant managed service along with the necessary technology platforms to suit your needs on your payroll processing. Our team of highly motivated payroll processors believe in delivering payroll on time and with complete accuracy, thereby ensuring that your HR team can focus on core HR issues and leave the payroll worries to us!

Human Resource Information system

Wintwin Technologies provides its customer with a HRIS system which can handle all aspect of human resource needs from recruitment to retirement. It contains Employee information, Recruitment module, Leave and Attendance Module, Performance Management Module, Learning Module, Compensation module, Travel and expense Module and Employee Seperation Module.

Legal Outsourcing

Issuing Notices / Legal Advices

Wintwin Technologies provides for assistance through its legal wing starting from issuance of notices under Sec138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act for its esteemed customers. The professional Legal Advice for filing and prosecuting of Complaints, Applications, and Petitions etc. before the particular courts differ and the same can be decided by sitting across the table and having a personalized meeting with each other.

Due Diligence practices

Wintwin Technologies assist our clients in analyzing functional and departmental processes, including manufacturing operations, supply chain and distribution channels, procurement and supply, information technology, and back-office operations such as finance, accounting, and human resources. We also provide enhanced due diligence as per customers specific requirments.

E-Publishing Services

Ebook conversions

Wintwin Technologies have helped publishers and corporations find innovative ways to create enhanced, interactive content. Our experts take traditionally published content and transform it into exciting enhanced eBook products – converting casual readers into loyal digital customers in the process. Our eBook development services include conversion of documents to eBook format, Cover design using supplied artwork, stock images or new Illustrations, Editing and optimization of the quality of the images within the eBook, eBook layout design and formatting

OCR/ICR Conversions

Wintwin Technologies have expertise in Optical Character Recognition, OCR, the mechanical or electronic translation of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) a handwriting recognition system that allows fonts and different styles of handwriting to be learned by a computer during processing to improve accuracy and recognition levels.

XML/HTML Conversions

Wintwin Technologies have expertise in XML / HTML Conversions. We convert data from various XML formats such as convert XHTML, Word, SGML, PDF and HTML to any XML formats. Our team has knowledge in innovative technologies and we have accomplished HTML conversion executives to convert any unstructured data into well thought-out and structured HTML format.

Document Management Services

Wintwin Technologies offers quality solutions to support the document management activities in any organization. In the areas of Document Imaging, Document Storage and Deployment, and Document Retrieval we empower the customers to own state-of-the-art and system-based solutions to capture, electronically transmit, process, store and retrieve documents and hence optimize the cost of operations.

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